February 2, 2017

Bullets Of Justice Movie Trailer Review

Bonkers. That's how I would describe the teaser trailer for Bullets of Justice, a television series in the works from Kazakhstan. Described by its creators as a "black satire", the series is set in the future during the Third World War. The plot basically follows the government-secret-project-gone-wrong format. In this instance, an American project to create super soldiers by breeding humans with swine goes wrong and unleashes an unimaginable horror upon the planet. The human-pig breed referred to as Muzzles overthrew humans from the top of the food chain. They are now the ones raising and farming humans for food. Think of it as Planet of the Apes with pigs. They should've called the series Planet of the Pigs.

The trailer for the series is exactly what you would expect from such a ridiculous idea. After all, the director is the same guy who made Code Red: All Must Die, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, and Re-Kill, three films that you will only enjoy stoned to the gills. Bullet of Justice has gore, guns, explosions, bad CGI, and passable makeup effects.

Like most people who had the misfortune of being informed that this series exists, I'll be watching it for two reasons. One, out of curiosity. I want to know if it will be as bad as I expect it to be. And two, Danny Trejo. The man's an interesting character whatever material he's given to work with.

There's a lot in the trailer that will have you scratching your head. The mustache on a woman. Danny Trejo had an Asian son. If you are going to create super-soldiers by breeding humans with animals, why choose pigs? Why not bears or lions or tigers as these creatures are known for their ferocity and violence? And did the main character just mate with his sister?

Whether this series really gets shown is still in the balance. The creators are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for its pilot episode. As of this writing, the campaign raised $1,564 of the target of $100,000. So it doesn't seem like people are trooping in to support the project. Which is not surprising really. Good luck to them still.

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