January 31, 2017

Sass Rogando Sasot And Doxxing

Sass Rogando Sasot just recently doxxed an innocent person on Facebook. She publicly posted on her Facebook page private and sensitive information about the person. And for what? To simply attempt to attack another Facebook page called AssortEdge. AssortEdge is very critical of Sasot and the Duterte government. Sasot has since removed the post but the damage has already been done. It's worth mentioning here that Sasot's page has nearly 350,000 likes and followers. It's likely that some of them picked up where Sasot left off and doxxed the person in their own ways.

Here's the Wikipedia definition for doxxing: "Doxing (from dox, abbreviation of documents), or doxxing, is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization. The methods employed to acquire this information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites (like Facebook), hacking, and social engineering. It is closely related to internet vigilantism and hacktivism. Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including to aid law enforcement, business analysis, extortion, coercion, harassment, online shaming, and vigilante justice."

Sasot has since removed her post that publicly displayed the private information of the person. She posted an update saying that a relative of the person contacted her to remove the post because the person isn't the one running the AssortEdge page. Here's her post.
Did you see what she just did there? She's making it look like she's a hero for deleting her original post. Like she deserves a medal for removing the thing. How about removing the thing and saying "I'm sorry." Is she saying that if the "distant relative" wasn't sincere, she wouldn't have removed the post? The person who was doxxed has nothing to do with the contents of AssortEdge's page in the same way that Facebook has nothing to do with whatever Sasot posts in her page.

The biggest irony here is that Sasot is always complaining when there are stories in the mainstream media that involve her. She's always saying that they didn't take her side before publishing the pieces. Well, we need to ask Sasot the following question: "Did you get the side of the person you doxxed before you placed his private information out there in the public sphere?" Sasot should apologize to the person she doxxed.

The AssortEdge Facebook page also posted an update on the issue. Below is a screenshot of it. There's a discrepancy between their account and that of Sasot's but what matters the most here is that an innocent person got doxxed.
This is one of the reasons why I truly believe that Sass Rogando Sasot is a very dangerous person. She harbors too much hate for those who oppose her views and those who criticize the Duterte government. In a heartbeat, she would drag you through the mud the moment you criticize her and her political views. I still remember the time last year when she tried to shame Jesus Falcis (a critic of Duterte) by posting not just once but thrice that Falcis described transgenders as "salot". Sasot completely took Falcis's statement out of context and tried to feed it to her thousands of followers. What really happened was this: Duterte supporters were flocking into Falcis's page calling him salot na bakla, salot na bading and all sorts of derogatory terms. Yes, Falcis is gay. He is very open about it. Falcis jokingly replied to the ad hominem attacks that if he's salot for being gay, what does that make transgenders? So it was a rhetorical question.

Sasot knew that it was just a rhetorical question. She knew that the statement shouldn't be taken literally. She also knew that Falcis is one of the most vocal supporters of LGBT rights. But all these didn't matter to her because she was intent on shaming Falcis in front of her thousands of Facebook followers. She told them that Falcis said that transgenders are "mas masahol pa sa salot". Of course, her followers took the bait and brought Falcis to the guillotine.

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