March 6, 2015

Christian Evangelist Writes A Book Titled "Millions Of Miracles: The Evolutionist's Dilemma"

Rick Deighton, a Christian evangelist in the United States has written a book called Millions of Miracles: The Evolutionist's Dilemma. As the title suggests, it's another attempt to discredit Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. Hundreds of books have been written by Christians over the years to attack evolution. Needless to say, they've all failed as far as proving that the theory is wrong is concerned.

Deighton has published an excerpt from the book on one of his blogs here. He offers nothing new. It's still the same arguments against evolution that we've heard for decades now. Arguments like an explosion in a junkyard can't produce a Boeing plane.

Here's the cover art for the book. Nothing. Boom. Everything.

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