March 7, 2015

Christian Evangelist Ken Ham Talks About Charles Darwin And The Impact Of His Theory Of Evolution

Charles Darwin, the man credited for unleashing the theory of evolution upon this world, was born on February 12, 1809. In recent decades, people started celebrating February 12 as Charles Darwin Day. It was celebrated this year. And there are people who got upset because of it (religious folks mostly).

Ken Ham, the Christian creationist and evangelist behind Answers In Genesis and the Creation Museum in Kentucky decided to go the extra mile and declared February 12 as Darwin Was Wrong Day. He also uploaded a video on the official AIG YouTube channel a 50-minute documentary titled The Evolution of Darwin: His Impact. In it, Ham basically blamed all the major ills of the world to Darwinian evolution. Darwin's impact, according to ham, include racism, abortion, school shootings, etc.

A blurb for a DVD copy of the video being sold in a creationist store has this to say, "Discover how Darwin’s beliefs have been used to justify policies that have resulted in terrible acts against humanity—and how those beliefs continue to harm societies today. Ken Ham’s practical, fast-paced presentation inspires and equips viewers to protect their families and reach their culture for Christ!"

Watch the video below:

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