February 25, 2015

Watch What Happens When An Atheist Talks About Dinosaurs With A Dinosaur-Denier

There are Christians who are against dinosaurs. They have a website. They also have a Facebook group page. As of this writing, the members in the Facebook group page number to 14,500. Not all of them are dinosaur-deniers of course because as Facebook groups go, many people join out of curiosity and other reasons beside sharing a common thing with most of the members.

Several days ago, dinosaur-deniers got a lot of media attention courtesy of a video uploaded on YouTube wherein a female dinosaur-denier claimed that dinosaurs and fossils are hoaxes. The woman's name is Kristen Auclair, a member of the group Christians Against Dinosaurs or CAD.

At first, many people thought that Auclair is a satirist, a performance artist. Many pointed out the fact that she works in an insurance company. How can someone with her education believe that fossils are hoaxes and that dinosaurs never existed.

Well-known atheist Aron Ra who is pretty knowledgeable in the field of paleontology also thought that Auclair is a satirist. But he had to be sure so he contacted her for a one-on-one interview via Google Hangouts. Auclair said yes to the interview. You can watch Ra and Auclair's conversation below. It runs for over an hour so grab a cold one or a bag of popcorn.

If you haven't seen Auclair's dinosaur-debunking video, here it is. As of this writing, it has about 370,000 views. That is not to mention the views of copies of the video that were uploaded on Facebook.

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