February 17, 2015

Juanita Szafranski, A Self-Proclaimed Ultra-Sensitive Psychic Gets Credit For Discovery Of Missing Man

A missing person being found through the help of a psychic. This is a story we encounter too often. I promise you that in another month or two, there will be another story of its kind creeping up your Facebook news feed.

This phenomenon wouldn't be a problem if psychics indeed help in finding missing persons. That they without the shadow of a doubt led the searchers to where the body of the missing person was dumped. Unfortunately, every single report of these stands on very shaky ground. They're just not true.

Last January, a psychic named Juanita Szafranski in New York reportedly helped the family of a missing man in pinpointing where the man can be found. Szafranski calls herself an ultra-sensitive psychic.
Nicolas Cage (right) plays a psychic in the 2007 film Next.
The most perfect response for this report giving Szafranski undue credit came from Sharon Hill of Doubtful News.

In a blog post about the report, Hill wrote, "There has never been a well-documented case of psychic directly finding a missing person or crime victim. Even the best cases are full of holes. You don’t hear about the misses, obviously, but they are eager to take credit for really vague associations they declare as “helping”. Stories such as this one in the media give worried families false hope that so-called psychics have some special sensory powers. They don’t."

Very well said.

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