January 3, 2015

Igorots In Their Traditional Attire Welcoming Pope John Paul II In Baguio City In 1981

Pope Francis, the current Pope of the Catholic Church is set to arrive in the Philippines this coming January 15. From January 16 to 18, he will embark on a series of events that will include paying the Philippine President in Malacanang a visit, holding a mass at the Manila Cathedral, and having lunch with the poor and survivors of natural calamities in Palo, Leyte. Francis is scheduled to leave the Philippines on January 19.

Francis isn't the first Pope to visit the Philippines. Pope Paul VI visited the country in 1970 which nearly turned into a tragedy because of an assassination attempt on his life by a Bolivian artist named Benjamin Mendoza.

Pope John Paul II also visited the country not only once but twice. He came in 1981 and in 1995. In his first visit which was in 1981, part of his itinerary was a trip to Baguio City. Among the thousands of people who welcomed him into the city are the native Igorots of the Cordilleras. Clad in their traditional attires and dancing to the tune of the beating gongs, they welcomed the Pope into the city.

Below are a couple of photos from the affair. Photos by Baguio-based journalist and artist Arthur Tibaldo.
Photo by Art Tibaldo.
Photo by Art Tibaldo.

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