August 5, 2014

Lawrence O'Donnell: "The Ark Park is the latest beneficiary of one of this country's stupidest forms of socialism."

Lawrence O'Donnell, host of the opinion and news program The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC recently blurted out his thoughts on the planned Ark Encounter theme park in the state of Kentucky. To be built by the same people behind the controversial Creation Museum, the Ark Encounter will have its grand opening in the summer of 2016.

O'Donnell criticized the millions of dollars of state government funding that will flow into the theme park, unbelievable stories in the Bible, and then some. Below's a few of the highlights of the segment:

1) "This time in Kentucky where the state of tourism the state tourism board gave preliminary approval today for 18.25 million dollars in state government funding for a Noah's Ark theme park. The Kentucky Torusim Authoirty voted unanimously to approve government financial support for the Noah's Ark theme park that plans to begin construction next week and hopes to open two years from now."

2) "The Ark Park and I so wish this was located in Boston is the latest beneficiary of one of this country's stupidest forms of socialism - government handouts to private companies usually justified by the never provable notion that the company will generate enough economic activity in the state to more than pay back the costs of its subsidies through increased tax revenue to the state."

3) "When the Ark Park is up and running, the state of Kentucky will send an annual check to the Ark Park in gratitude for all the tourism the 500-foot replica of Noah's Ark will be bringing to Kentucky. Of course, many readers of the Old Testament will not consider the new ark to be a replica at all because to be a replica of something, that something would have have had to actually exist before. And the whole Noah's Ark thing is one of the many elements of the Bible that science has made impossible to believe."

O'Donnell says that he can't wait to visit the ark park once it's finished. He wants to see what a 600-year old guy looks like. Me too.

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