August 23, 2014

In A Parallel Universe, Evolution Took Place With Robotic Lifeforms

If you are familiar with the theory of evolution, then you know the drill. The origins of life on earth started and developed in the following simplified order: the Big Bang, the formation of the primordial soup, the development of simple cells and multicellular life, and from these sprouted the diversity of life forms that evolved for hundreds of millions of years to the lifeforms that we know today. It does sound like an ambitious theory but there's a mountain of evidence supporting it. For a start, you can begin by reading this immensely-helpful resource meticulously compiled by the University of California: Berkeley. Great stuff.

Through the years, we've seen Darwinian evolution getting more and more traction in the minds of more people as the evidence for it continue to pile up. Of course, there are those instances when one or two research endeavors seem to go against the principles of the theory but these are dwarfed by the findings supporting the theory.

This growing mainstream consciousness for the idea of evolution enabled creative minds to incorporate it in their works. Like the advertising firm that came up with the following animated commercial for a German chain of electronic stores. Titled The Evolution of Technology, the advert shows the gradual transformation of an ocean-dwelling creature to a human-like robot. This is obviously inspired by the workings of evolutionary biology wherein the timeline of evolution shows fish and proto-amphibians evolving and branching out into amphibians, mammals, reptiles, primates, and modern humans. 

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