August 4, 2014

I Have Bad Feelings About Ray Comfort's Upcoming Movie 'Audacity'

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort who is probably most well-known among non-believers for his banana fallacy is cooking up a new movie which he calls Audacity. If you are familiar with Comfort and his work, then you have seen his films Evolution vs. God, Noah and the last Days, 180, and Genius among others. You can watch all of these for free on YouTube.

In pretty much all of these films, Comfort uses the same tactic. That is walk around, stick a microphone into people's faces and ask a succession of questions while a video camera rolls. The videos are then heavily edited to suit whatever message Comfort is trying to impart.

With Audacity however, Comfort seems to be diverting away from the ambush tactics he's used in the past. In his email newsletter wherein he asked for volunteers to appear in his movie, Comfort stated that Audacity will be his "first script-driven project that will involve actors".


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