August 7, 2014

Creationists Claim That This Cow With Unique Spots Is Proof That Evolution Is Nonsense

You can see down below a photo of a cow. The spots on its hide are unusual since they form a detailed map of the world. Needless to say, the map-bearing spots were put there by someone who is very good with Photoshop or other photo manipulation program. The folks running the creationist website Creation Moments got hold of a similar image and thought that it would make for a great tool in disproving the theory of evolution.

Creation Moments published a brief article titled Cow's Unusual Spots Are Putting Evolutionists In A Tight Spot which basically asserted that if evolutionists believe that the map was created by a graphics designer then they should also believe that the cow has been created and designed by someone. The article also implied that because the cow is more complex compared to the design on its hide, it's even more likely that it was designed by a creator.
This is a very common argument from creationists. They believe that animals, birds, plants, the human body or anything in the natural world are too complex to have just evolved from nothing. They claim that these are too intricate and can only be explained through their concept of intelligent design. The article on the Creation Moments website says "Though they (evolutionists and atheists) can see the complexities of nature all around them, they say that everything was the result of mindless, natural processes."

This argument of "complexity can only be attained through intelligent design (God)" has been and continues to be addressed by atheist writers and bloggers but like the flu, it constantly rears its ugly head. This is the problem with creationists. Most of them are so close-minded that even if there's a mountain of evidence supporting evolution, they prefer ignoring it. Nothing illustrates better this close-mindedness than creationist Ken Ham's pronouncement during his debate with science educator Bill Nye a few months ago wherein he directly stated that nothing will ever change his mind.

Don't ever think that this will be the last time you'll ever hear about this cow with unusual spots disproving evolution. The thing is currently on two creationist websites - Creation Moments and Your Origins Matter. Sooner or later another creationist group will pick it up and feed it to its followers and supporters.

I'd like to end this article with a few links to resources where you can read about the evidence supporting evolution. Check them out at: National Geographic, Smithsonian Museum, and Scientific American.

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