August 4, 2014

Creationist Ken Ham Says That Evolution Is Detrimental To Human Progress

Ken Ham who is now probably the world's most well-known young earth creationist (thanks to a recent debate with Bill Nye the Science Guy) said in a Christian web show that evolution is detrimental to human progress. Ham guested on the show The Comfort Zone to try and defend himself against what he described as the secular and atheistic media's twisting of his words.

A few days ago, Ham wrote in his blog at the Answers In Genesis website that he's "shocked" that the government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in space exploration programs.

In the same article, Ham stated that he doesn't believe in aliens. That's why he thinks that the millions of dollars being spent on space programs are a waste of money. Said article sparked a lot of criticism. That's why Ham is upset. He says that the media is twisting what he said in the article. I'll have to admit that some bloggers and writers out there sort of twisted Ham's words but not in the exaggerated manner that Ham is trying to imply. 

Guesting on the Christian show The Comfort Zone, Ham further slammed the bloggers, writers, television hosts (Bill Maher) and scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson) who criticized him about what he said on aliens and NASA.

What Ham doesn't understand is that space programs and explorations aren't about evolution. It's about discovering and understanding the universe we live in. He also isn't aware of the fact that dozens of inventions that are highly beneficial to the human race have come from NASA.

Here's what's funny. If Ham had it his way, he'll divert the millions of dollars going to NASA and use them to build creation museums around the world instead. We're not twisting his words here. He did say it. Watch.

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