August 14, 2014

Actor Kevin Sorbo Has Something To Say About Atheists. And It's Not Good.

Actor Kevin Sorbo (you may know him from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Andromeda) recently appeared on the television entertainment news program Access Hollywood to talk about Robin Williams, atheists, and his most recent movie God's Not Dead which was released on DVD just last week.

Sorbo (who is a Christian) didn't mince words in trashing those who don't share his faith. He said that he can see through the anger whenever he watches atheists appear on TV. He also says he doesn't understand why atheists get so angry about something they don't believe in.

Sorbo last appeared in the film God's Not Dead wherein he played the part of a high school professor who is an atheist. Although the film wasn't well-received by film critics (it has a rating of 17% on Rotten Tomatoes), it was a huge box office success. How successful? It earned $62 million. It only had a budget of $2 million.

Watch Sorbo's appearance on Access Hollywood below:

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