August 3, 2014

A Clip From The Upcoming Christian Movie 'A Matter Of Faith'

Come September 26, the Christian movie A Matter of Faith will hit theaters in the United States. At the center of the film is a college freshman whose Christian beliefs are put to the test through her biology professor who is an evolutionist. Concerned that her daughter is losing her way, the student's father decides to enter into a debate against the biology professor.

Answers in Genesis, a Christian apologetics ministry, through its online newsletter, sent its subscribers an exclusive clip from the film which you can watch below.  Titled "The Ape Scene", the clip shows students talking about "men coming from apes" which is of course a twisted and misleading interpretation of the theory of evolution. Evolution doesn't say that we came from apes. Instead, man and apes came from the same ancestor.

The "man came from apes" thing is obviously deliberate. A Matter of Faith is a movie made by Christians so the bias there is glaring. Anyway, here's the clip.

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