June 29, 2014

An Eye-Opening BBC Documentary On Depression

It can paralyze you. It makes you want to just disappear and exist in isolation. It makes you hate the things that you used to love. It grips you and slowly crushes you to the point where you can't take it any longer and start thinking of the quickest and easiest escape.

It's terrifying. It's suffocating. And no one is immune. That's depression. As someone who has been struggling with it (although not as severe) since I don't know when, depression is like a thousand bees following you wherever you go and whoever you are with, stinging you and making sure that the poison keeps on running in your veins.

If the effects of depression on a person aren't enough, there's the fact that most people don't understand it and the struggle that sufferers go through. Depressed people are often tagged as weak. This adds to the already mounting pressure that the depressed person is going through.

This documentary produced by the BBC which went in-depth to unravel depression is something that should be widely seen. People who have no inkling as to the effects of depression on people can learn a lot from it. For folks such as myself who go through bouts of depression on a regular basis, it serves almost like a respite. There's something soothing in seeing people struggle through something that you've been and continue to go through.

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