May 21, 2014

Dark Eyes By Half Moon Run (Album Review)

Released in 2012, Dark Eyes is Half Moon Run's debut studio album. Given the impressive eleven tracks in the album, you would think that the Canadian indie rock group would be massively popular right now. But such is not the case. The band is only known to the most enthusiastic fans of indie rock and indie folk music. This however doesn't take away the fact that the band is among the best in the genres they belong to. They're good. Really good. Give Dark Eyes a listen and you'll see why. That is of course if your taste in music runs in their field or near it.

It's a brilliant first album. Personal favorite tracks of mine are Nerve (an almost perfect fusion of rock and folk), Unofferable (the build-up from a slow start to a rousing majority reminds me of Damien Rice plus the harmonica segment is pure awesome), and Call Me In The Afternoon (probably the song with the fastest pace in the album).

If you love music by the likes of Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Damien Rice, The Killers, Coldplay, or Edward Sharpe, you should check out songs by Half Moon Run. They all run in the same vein. There are differences of course but they all belong to the same family tree.

Half Moon Run is composed of Devon Portielje, Dylan Phillips, Conner Molander, and Isaac Symonds.

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