April 4, 2014

The Sudden Fall Of A Great Photojournalist

That moment of unwary silence leading to sinking shock when you visit one of your favorite sources of international news and see a familiar name in the headlines. A name belonging to someone you've never met, someone who never had a connection with you except for the fact that you are an avid admirer of her work. You know instantly that there's something amiss because it's a name you only saw in the past as mere additions to news articles. As a photojournalist, she gave faces to news reports. She wasn't supposed to be in the headlines.

Today, April 4th, Anja Niedringhaus, a German photojournalist working for the Associated Press was shot and killed in Afghanistan while traveling with a convoy of election workers. Another journalist named Kathy Gannon who was with her was also shot at and injured but managed to stay alive.

Here's an excerpt from a news report: "As they were sitting in the car waiting for the convoy to move, a unit commander named Naqibullah walked up to the car, yelled "Allahu Akbar" - God is Great - and opened fire on them in the back seat with his AK-47. He then surrendered to the other police and was arrested."

I was first acquainted with the work of Niedringhaus about three years ago. I've followed with awe her stints in war-torn nations like Iraq and Afghanistan. So it's with sadness that I digested the news of her untimely fall.

If you want to see samples of her work, you can check them out here or here.

Source: The Atlantic

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