March 11, 2014

Malunggay To Become The National Vegetable Of The Philippines Courtesy Of Gina de Venecia?

So Gina de Venecia, the current congresswoman of the 4th district of Pangasinan has authored a bill that aims to declare malunggay as the National Vegetable of the Philippines. House Bill 2072 or the Act Declaring Malunggay (Moringa) as the National Vegetable of the Philippines and the Month of November of Every Year as the National Malunggay Month was approved a couple of months ago by the House Committee on Revision of Laws. It was again approved on its third and final reading last Monday.

Is this the kind of stuff the leaders of this land are wasting their time on? A national vegetable? One wouldn't blame anyone who asks the congresswoman if she is joking. What's with the obsession with this national thing anyway? Why do Filipino politicians have to make nationals out of everything? Last year, they tried to make waling-waling the National Flower when there's an already existing National Flower which is the sampaguita.

In her explanatory note for the bill, de Venecia has the following to say which are the reasons why she came up with the bill:
1) Known as a "miracle vegetable" or "nature's medicine cabinet" by scientists and health care workers from around the world, malunggay is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can be effective remedy against many kinds of ailments.
2) From the root trunk and branches to the leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds, all parts of the malunggay tree are usable for nutritional and medicinal purposes.
3) It is also considered as an effective cure for illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, inflammations, infections, cancer and aging issues.
4) Now, we can say that the malunggay can save lives, increase incomes, generate millions of jobs, utilize vast tracts of idle agricultural lands, make the Philippines globally competitive, impact local and international market, and help attain socioeconomic equity.

Did de Venecia just claim that the malunggay is an "effective cure" for cancer? Quick, somebody give the good congresswoman a Nobel prize or something because she has found an "effective cure" for one of the most dreaded diseases to befall mankind. You could say that this was just a lapse in the writing of the note but this just shows that she may haven't put too much attention to it. Read the bill you author, read them and make sure it's polished before you push it out there to be approved.

As to the numerous benefits that the malunggay provides, the same can be said about other vegetables. And does the congresswoman has the statistics or papers backing up her claims that the malunggay can "generate millions of jobs"? Where's her proof that this can positively be attained?

And this is not to mention the question that a lot of Filipinos are asking right now. And this is: "Don't congresswoman de Venecia have more important matters to attend to? Should she be spending her time (which is being paid for by taxpayers) on bills like this?"

Okay, so we have the malunggay as a National Vegetable, what does that give us? You can show people how nutritious and beneficial the malunggay is without having to build a bill around it. Just tell them to eat more malunggay, that's it.

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