March 25, 2014

A Review Of Ray Comfort's Movie 'Noah And The Last Days'

Noah And The Last Days makes use of the same template that Ray Comfort employed for his previous endeavor Evolution Vs. God. He finds people on the streets, sticks a microphone into their faces and asks a succession of questions like How many times have you lied in your life?, Do you watch adult-themed movies?, and Have you ever spoken the Lord's name in vain?.

Who hasn't done any of these things? Needless to say, most of the people questioned by Comfort would end up admitting that they are pathetic sinners in the eyes of God. Comfort would then gleefully inform them that they would all burn in hell if they don't repent now. So basically, Noah And The Last Days is a regurgitation of Evolution Vs. God.

It's very frustrating to watch. The biologist which Comfort bombarded with silly questions got it right when he commented that Comfort's understanding of the scientific idea that comets may have brought life to this earth is of fishes riding off the backs of comets.

If you have thirty minutes to spare, you can watch the full movie below:

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