February 21, 2014

This 'The Sacrament' Movie Looks Worth Watching

The trailer for an upcoming horror-thriller film called The Sacrament has just been released and it looks like it's worth the look. To hit theaters in the United States in May, the film revolves around a religious commune that's seemingly peaceful but as it turns out, there's a dark and sinister edge to it.

The film's plot is loosely based on the Jonestown Massacre of 1978. It's not a very original story and the said massacre has been covered too many times already. However, the trailer for the film looks decent. The movie may actually be worth watching after all.

Watch the trailer below:

Here's the poster for the film:
The Sacrament was directed by Ti West (The ABCs of Death, The House of the Devil, The Roost). It stars Joe Swanberg, Amy Seimetz, Kate Lyn Sheil, and AJ Bowen.

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