February 25, 2014

Darren Aronofsky's Noah Makes Ray Comfort "Sick To The Stomach"

Ray Comfort agrees with fellow creationist Ken Ham in saying that Darren Aronofsky's upcoming film Noah is unbiblical and that Christians shouldn't see it. In the latest episode of his show The Comfort Zone, Comfort and his co-hosts Mark Spence and Emeal Zwayne lambasted Aronofsky's latest project. Comfort went so far as saying that the film made him sick to the stomach.

Comfort and company don't want you to see Aronofsky's film. They suggest you should see their film instead. They have their own Noah film set to be released this February 28 via digital download. It will be released on YouTube a month later. Comfort's film carries the title Noah: Signs of the End of the Age. And based on the teaser they've shown, it will be in the same format as Comfort's notorious movie documentary Evolution Vs. God. Armed with his microphone and video camera, Comfort ambushes people on the streets and scientists in their offices and then asking them questions.

Here's the full episode if you have thirty minutes to spare:

 Here's the trailer for Aronofsky's Noah:

 And here's the trailer for Comfort's documentary:

Here's the poster:

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