February 20, 2014

Check Out This Cool Bill Nye Vs. Ken Ham And God Cartoon In GIF

On his Facebook page, Ken Ham shared a one-panel cartoon GIF created by Animation Domination High-Def. Said cartoon tackles the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham which happened a couple of weeks ago. Ham obviously thinks highly of the cartoon and thinks that its funny portrayal of the tussle between him and Nye is in his favor.

The cartoon shows Nye battling it out with the hands of God. Ham isn't in the picture. It's a perfect portrayal of what transpired during the debate wherein Nye tried to show evidence for evolution while Ham kept on asking "Were you there?" and saying "There's this book."

Anyway, the cartoon can be interpreted in different ways. Christians love the cartoon. Non-believers appreciate its truthfulness. Everybody wins. Here's the cartoon in all its muscle-bulging glory.

Source: Animation Domination High-Def
Reading through the comments in Ken Ham's Facebook page can also be fun and entertaining. If you have time to spare, here's Ham's post and the discussions under it. There's a chance you can't leave your comment though if you want to chime in. I "liked" the page but I just don't see the space where I can write a comment. Am I blocked? Is the comments section only available to people based in America? I don't know. I just can't chime in.

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