January 22, 2014

More Woo Woo (Predestination, Souls, Reincarnation) from Jaime Licauco

In a recent column, Jaime Licauco tackles the question "Do we choose the time of our death?" He begins his discourse by saying that this question has intrigued him because of a growing number of cases he has noted in the last few years wherein people seem to unconsciously choose either one of two things - to die or to survive and live for yet another day. He went on to enumerate several examples of such cases.

A woman got out of a hotel safely during the tragic earthquake in Baguio City in the early 90s but she was killed when she tried to get back into the building to retrieve a bag. A businessman got out of a burning house but was burned to death when he tried to get back in to get a wallet. A woman got killed while trying to cross a street. These are just three of the eight examples given by Licauco. The others run through the same vein. If you wish to read them, click here.

Licauco's main thesis is that nothing happens by chance meaning those who were killed and those who survived did so for a reason. He says he doesn't believe in accidents and coincidences. He mentions the law of causality.

So following Licauco's logic, the woman from Baguio, the businessman, and the woman crossing the street died for a reason. And the reason is that they have chosen to die. That's the only way you can understood Licauco's points. What's more, he says they have chosen to die from a previous life. He is obviously alluding to reincarnation.

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But, hear this, he says "We always have a choice, because free will is absolute." He also mentioned souls. You just have to read his piece to understand the context behind his reference to souls. Licauco is a master when it comes to contradicting himself.

If you are to look into all the examples given by Licauco, they are TOO easy to explain. The people died or survived because of the circumstances they found themselves in. The woman got hit by the car because she was either too careless or the driver was drunk. The man burned to death because he was foolish enough to run into a burning building. It's as simple as that.

Licauco's belief that our deaths were chosen by versions of ourselves from a previous life is hogwash. I dare Licauco to tell this to relatives and families of the thousands who perished because of typhoon Yolanda. I dare him to tell his belief to the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust. Because if his belief is right, there were six million Jews in a previous lifetime who decided to kill their future selves in countless gas chambers.

In conclusion, predestination, or souls, or reincarnation, are hogwash. These concepts are nothing but woo woo. And I'm pissed that an educated man like Licauco is spreading this nonsense in a column in a national newspaper, of all places.

This country needs real science, not pseudo-science.

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