January 6, 2014

Jaime Licauco's Challenge For Mainstream Scientists

In his most recent column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jaime Licauco who is probably the most well-known crusader for all things paranormal in the Philippines challenged scientists to go beyond science. He was basically telling scientists to look into his own brand of science which is pseudoscience. Licauco says he wants scientists to shed their "hardline thinking" and look into matters like out-of-body experiences, unidentified flying objects, psychic surgery, teleportation, angels, etc.

But here's the problem. Scientists have been looking into such matters for years and they continue to do so. And in most cases, they were not able to gather enough hard evidence to prove that such matters are real. The truth is a lot of the practitioners of these pseudosciences turned out to be hoaxes, frauds, and worse scammers.

For years, Licauco has been saying that scientists have been ignoring evidence of the paranormal. That's just a big lie. In contrary, scientists have been gathering evidence that either disprove or refute the authenticity of paranormal claims.

One laughable part of Licauco's recent column is when he made the impression that he didn't think quantum physics and neuroscience are parts of mainstream science. According to Licauco, quantum physics and neuroscience among others challenge mainstream science. It's almost as if he's equating neuroscience with teleportation, mediumship or any of the paranormal phenomenons that he champions. At this point, it's probably safe to say that Licauco doesn't even know what science means. Somebody please give the guy a dictionary.

It's funny how Licauco asks his readers to be unbiased and open-minded in reading his articles when he himself can't do the same in writing them. At the end of every article he writes is a blurb detailing how people can contact him for paranormal concerns. He gives public lectures, seminars and consultations about the paranormal. He's going to teach you how to open your third eye. For a fee of course.

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