December 7, 2013

Justice Remains Elusive for Slain Music Teacher a Year After Her Death

Today (December 8) marks the first death anniversary of Aileen Niocena, a piano instructor who was brutally murdered exactly a year ago. She was 28 years old. She was found dead outside the apartment she was renting in Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet. She's been stabbed multiple times and the murder weapon in the form of a knife was found near her body. Initial report of the crime mentioned 11 stab wounds. An autopsy revealed 32. Whichever is more accurate, it's nonetheless a crime of the worst order.

The brutality of the crime betrays who the victim was. Described by her friends and colleagues as a "nice and sweet person", who would do such violence to a person. She was obviously well-loved by people. In the words of Mary Lou Marigza, "Who can even think of killing someone as sweet as Aileen who always had a ready smile and helping hand to both students and co-teachers."

A year has already passed after her death but her assailant remains to be out there, breathing free air instead of the rancid type that you can only find in the insides of a prison cell.

A year has passed and justice is yet to be served. What's sad is that as the days go by, the case gets colder, and justice gets even more elusive.

Just like everyone else familiar with the case, we're hoping that this case finally finds closure. We're also hoping that the Tuba police is exerting all the efforts needed to catch the assailant.
Photo from the Justice for Aileen Niocena Facebook page.

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