November 22, 2013

Mankayan Hymn Lyrics: The Mankayan National high School Alma Mater Song

Somebody emailed us asking for the lyrics of the Mankayan hymn. We're not sure what he's asking for because we don't know if there's a particular hymn for the town of Mankayan that's different from the hymn by the municipality's public high school (the lyrics of which are provided below). Also, the province of Benguet has its own official hymn which is often used by municipalities in the province.

Anyway, below is the lyrics for the Mankayan NHS hymn.

O fair Mankayan High, my Alma Mater dear
How proud and beautiful 'neath azure skies
You stand a beacon bright and clear
A light of truth and wisdom
A fount of knowledge broad
Our guide our strength, our inspiration
Through life's long and winding road

O dearest Alma Mater
Pride of our mountain land
We loud your name together
With loyal hearts we stand
We'll work to bring you glories
That all may know and hear
How great the school we cherish
Mankayan High my Alma Mater dear
photo by flickr/jonmcgovern

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