October 30, 2013

Is Barangay Caneo a Little Kibungan Waiting to Happen?

I don't know the protocol for matters regarding huge cracks found in the ground but if I'm part of the powers-that-be, I'd be ordering every resident of Barangay Caneo in Bontoc to evacuate immediately. A horizontal crack on the ground that's 96 meters long and a foot wide is serious stuff. The crack was reportedly found along the slope of a mountain just above the village of Caneo.

Officials from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau and the Provincial Risk Reduction and Management Office have inspected the site of the crack after barangay officials reported it last September 6. Yup, that's over a month ago. Anything could have happened within that time. People should've left that place the day the cracks were found. Landslides don't exclusively happen during heavy downpours or typhoons. Soil and rocks shift and move with the sun high up there.

With a crack that's nearly a hundred meters long and about a foot wide, anything can trigger the mountain slope to go sliding down. A minor quake maybe.

From what I've heard, Caneo is still populated as if a huge and long crack above it has never appeared. If you ask me, they shouldn't be there. They should leave and let the authorities conduct studies and research on the cracks to make sure that it's 100% safe to stay there.

Five years ago, over 400 people perished when a landslide took parts of Little Kibungan in Benguet with it. It's a tragedy that will forever serve as a warning for people risking their lives to reside in areas that are susceptible to landslides.
Note: This is not a photo of the crack found in Caneo. It's a crack on the ground in Japan after an earthquake. It's for illustration purposes only.

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