September 7, 2013

The Double Soundtrack: Trailer Song by Blues Legend Son House

The first trailer for Richard Ayoade's third feature film, The Double, is now out and it prominently features a song by no other than Son House, an American blues singer and guitarist. It's about time this amazing man's music trickle its way back into the mainstream. Given the crap that the current generation refer to as music, listening to Son House's soothing voice is a breath of fresh air.

Playing almost in the entirety of The Double trailer, the song is called Grinnin' In Your Face. It's a great a cappella song. How great? Jack White of the alternative Rock band The White Stripes called it his favorite song.

Son House started recording music in the early 1930's. His earlier hits included Levee Camp Blues, Walking Blues, Government Fleet Blues, Delta Blues, The Pony Blues, Death Letter and Make Me a Pallet on the Floor.

Loosely based on The Double, a novella by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the film is about a man who goes mad after realizing that his life has been usurped by a doppelganger (a paranormal double of a living person).
image: flickr/creativedc

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