July 24, 2013

Cordillerans Participate in Barrio Fiesta in Vienna, Austria

Last July 20 at the ATV Liesing Sportsplatz Pellmanngasse 2 in Vienna, Austria, Filipinos gathered for a day of celebrations in an event dubbed Barrio Fiesta 2013. This is an event featuring Filipino culture and traditions. Activities included performances of traditional Filipino dances.

Fellow Cordillerans in Austria participated in the events. Highlights of their participation is a performance of the "ballangbang" and an award for Best Booth. Here's a photo of some of the participants and the booth that earned them the Best Booth award. Click on the image to see a bigger picture.
Participants in the event. Behind them is the winning booth. Photo from igorot.at
For more photos from the event, please visit Igorot Cordillera Austria's website. They have dozens of photos there. The website is also a great resource for people wishing to connect and communicate with Cordillerans currently residing in Austria.

Here they are performing the "ballangbang":

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