June 28, 2013

Police Trainees Ambushed in Kabunagan, Tadian, Mt. Province

Today is a sad and tragic day. This morning, over a hundred police trainees, most of them women, were out for a morning jog in Kabunagan, Tadian, Mt. Province when they were ambushed by armed members of the New People’s Army. The latest reports say 1 trainee died, 9 were wounded and 10 are missing, presumably abducted by the rebels.

The 120 trainees, 70 of which are women, were unarmed and undergoing PNP Scout training when they were attacked between 5 and 6 a.m.

Cordillera regional police spokesman Senior Superintendent Dave Limmong identified the fatality as Denver Balabag. Those wounded were Melenium Bantas, Alex Dulnuan, Pawas Dakelan, Junelle Ngalawen, Jasmin Salve, Mitchell Maludon, Robin Benito, Jefferson Sarri and Everson Wagis.

”Our policemen are on a scout training. They were unarmed when attacked. They were jogging, afterwhich, they were scheduled to eat their breakfast. We deplore the premeditated and treacherous act. The rebels should know that the persons they were attacking are their co-residents in the Cordillera region,” Limmong was quoted saying after the incident.

The trainees were carrying firearms but these weren’t loaded with bullets. Accompanying the trainees were 10 security escorts who reportedly exchanged gunfire with the rebels.

The rebels number to about 20 according to a Rappler report.

However, details about the attack coming from the side of the rebels have dissimilarities. In an article published in the official website of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the group who attacked the trainees is a unit of the Leonardo Pacsi Command. The article mentioned that the ambush happened about 7:15 a.m. contrary to mainstream media reports saying it happened between 5 and 6 a.m. The same article stated that the PNP troopers were fully armed. The PNP says otherwise. Senior Superintendent Oliver Alilis Enmodias, chief of the Cordillera police’s regional operations unit said that the PNP were carrying guns but they weren't loaded. Both sides, however, agree on the number of fatality and the wounded.

The NPA and the government has been fighting for so long that the reasons why they are fighting are often lost in the minds of people. Sure, it's democracy versus communism. But is it really? It's a muddy river.

We all want better lives. Better freedom. Safer homes. There's got to be a better way to achieve these besides killing each other.

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  1. what is human rights when we easily are taking lives of innocent men?

  2. Yan dadin texas kod garud ay pupulis d enkayu raoten nu talaga ay natured kayu ..Damned you ever made this..nu talaga ay wada ilablaban yu bumela kayu esan dontog ta engkayu isalvage dadin madi di aramid da ay pulis shit yu ketdi!

  3. It's just the same with the Israel and Palestinian conflict. It's all about idealism. If your idealism says it's ok for you to kill your enemies for the sake of your ideology then kill. But if your ideology says otherwise, "love your enemies", then what a peaceful world we have. It's always start in us humans. If our our hearts is corrupt then everything we do is corrupt. The solution of it all is Love. With love, there is forgiveness, there is a peaceful way of solving the conflict and not guns, for love always bring out peaceful solutions.

  4. datusa din kananda ay ma-id konsensya na. Sinoy rikna da ngata nu kabagyan da nan pinatey da.

  5. I don't care if we have different language.. Different color.. or different places.. But we, are all in the same human race... Bakit niyo nagawa yan sa kapawa niyo Pilipino. China vs. Pinas .. Billion vs. Millions ..may kaya ba tayo??WALA. Tapos babawasan niyo pa.

  6. ay mengalalasing et kayo tan wada pinatey yo ya sinugatan yo,mga bulshit kayo!!!!!

  7. It is always shocking when we hear news about the conflict between the military and the rebels, but what is more shocking to this news is the fact that the ones they ambushed are our brothers and sisters. CORDILLERAN or IGOROTS for that matter! May I ask what do YOU get when YOU kill YOUR OWN brother? What satisfaction does it brought YOU? Have YOU accomplished something from this? Are YOU honored that at the end of the day YOU know that YOU have wasted a life? A life that was just starting its journey, a brother that just wants to serve his country! Were YOU given a credit for a wasted life? Have YOU accomplished something from this? Have YOU proven YOUR point? What it is by the way? What was YOUR point? We say we fight for our rights, we fight for justice and so on and so fort. Did we commit justice and displayed our rights by hurting others? Innocent people for that matter! Women for crying out loud! Where is the justice in here? Do YOU bother to show us? No matter what the reason was for that ambush, intentionally or not, armed or unarmed, an officer was killed . Had it been YOUR son, daughter or relative, had YOU done the same? Is this the way to show your countrymen how to serve justice? Enlighten us PLEASE! From the time I heard the news until now I cant believe that an IGOROT like me can be so heartless! Is this the case for most of us? Sacrifice others for us to caught attention or something? What an accomplishment if that's the case! I hope we would never forget that at the end of the day it won't be you and your people, It will be between you and GOD. Lucky for you if you don't believe. I hope you don't.