June 24, 2013

Drunk Philippine Retirement Authority Official Allegedly Punches Taxi Driver

Provided that the information in this news report from the Philippine Star is true, then the Philippine government has yet another douchebag in its employ. I see no reasons why photojournalist Edgardo Espiritu and taxi driver Alexi John Oller shouldn't be telling the truth.

Frederick Pati, 38, officer-in-charge of the Philippine Retirement Authority - Cordillera allegedly punched taxi driver Alexi John Oller during a traffic altercation somewhere in Bakakeng. That's not all. Pati reportedly hurled invectives at Espiritu and flaunted his van's red plate. And he was allegedly drunk.
So what we have here is a drunk high-ranking government official cursing a person for no reason at all and punching a taxi driver. This dude should be sacked. Even if he apologizes a million times. Baguio City will be a much better place without him riding his government-issued car at night harassing the very people he should be serving.

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  1. Bakit nga ba ganun noh? Karamihan na empleyado ng gobyerno sila pa ang umaaboso..sa mga gov offices ang susungit nila pati sa hospital ngkamali ka lang bulyawan ka...