June 11, 2013

Brawls and More Brawls in the Streets of Baguio City

Brawls. You know, those times when men (or boys) decide to box, kick and bludgeon each other senseless for the simple reason that they can. And in most cases, for the simple reason that they drank one too many bottles of Emperador Light. There's a reason why whenever you hear or read the word "brawl", it's always preceded by the word "bar". Apparently, the sidewalk or parking lot outside of a bar looks like a boxing ring or an MMA cage in the eyes of a tipsy man.

If you are a regular night-time customer in any of the establishments whether it be bars, restaurants or coffee shops along Session Road, I'm pretty sure you've been an unfortunate witness to a few (or several) of these brawls. It's a sad, sad thing. Session Road, the heart of the city, is being used as a battleground by drunken idiots and clueless students who think that fighting in the streets is cool. I get drunk too. Probably too often. But at least I don't go around kicking other people in the balls.

Here are two videos of recent brawls along Session Road:

In the first video, we see several men going at it and the aftermath with the arrival of the police. This is serious stuff right there. It's hard to know who are the culprits and who are the victims. One thing's for sure though, the man in a white shirt was seriously hurt. He can't barely walk and he looked like he's got a broken nose or worse, a broken jaw. He's clearly writhing in pain.

One thing I noticed is that why isn't there medical personnel accompanying the cops? I don't know how these things work but shouldn't the the bleeding guy be treated there and then? What if there's a stabbing or shooting? They just loaded the men into a police truck. Here's to hoping that they had him medically checked before they threw him in jail or whatever.

Update (as per the caption of the video): "On June 5, 2013 around 12:45am, another brawl - a bloody brawl - happened which it started from Mabini Street then going to Session Road and back. According to one of the involved, the man in white shirt allegedly just suddenly attacked the man in gray jacket (one holding a rag against his head) with a beer bottle which he sustained a head injury along Mabini Street. The friends of the man in gray jacket then bursts out and chased the man in white shirt, beating him in the middle of Session Road, then they let him go, but then they went back to him and dragged him back to Mabini Street where he cried for mercy. Moments later, the mobile patrol unit of Baguio City Police Office came and picked up the two men, brought them to a hospital then sent to BCPO Station 7 where both men settled the argument."

In the second video, we see students (probably high school students) rumbling in the sidewalks of Session Road. This is a common occurrence caused by warring groups who like to call their groups "gangs". These are often clueless and immature teenagers who have nothing else to do.

I hope the authorities have seen this particular video and I'm hoping even more that they are doing something about it. The teenagers in the video can be easily identified. This is a small city with just a few high schools. I don't think it's too hard to identify the perpetrators, get a hold of them and teach them some lessons. If the police and the city schools concerned work together, they can do a lot to help make sure that these street fights between students don't happen again. These confrontations can be deadly if any of the young men is carrying a weapon.

As a long-time resident of this city, I want it to be safe. That I can drink my beer in peace. That I can walk the sidewalks at midnight without the fear of meeting groups of war-mongering young men.

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