May 23, 2013

Beautiful Photos of the Cordillera Region's People and Landscapes

By Melissa Cancino - I pay close attention to the online chatter around the Cordillera region and its indigenous people collectively known as the Igorots (of which I'm one). I follow blogs dedicated to this community. Some of these are written by fellow Igorots. And some are written by non-Igorots who are interested in learning more about our culture and traditions. I regularly check on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for conversations and posts that involve us in one way or another. I often scour the web for the latest articles and online content that concern us.

During one of these excursions, I came across the work of an American freelance photographer by the name of Jacob Maentz who now calls the Philippines home. This man's work is nothing short of amazing. Obviously, what I liked the most in his work is his feature on the Cordillera region and its people. You can check it out in this web page (his website). In the rather short time that he spent among the Cordillerans, he seems to know more about us than we do of ourselves. That speaks a lot of the passion and research he puts into his work.

Again, you can check out his photos and article here. Learn more about him here. Below is one of the photos he featured in his website.

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