March 18, 2013

Into The Tentacles Of Google

I had the good opportunity of attending the fourth meeting of the Baguio Google Business Group which was held last Saturday (March 16) at the Benguet State University ICT Hall in La Trinidad. Basically, the meeting gathers people (students, employees, entrepreneurs) who are interested in learning how to tap into the various products and services of Google then use these to market businesses online. Thus the term Google Business Group. It's a concept that makes great sense considering the fact that people continue to become more and more internet-savvy. People are using search engines to look for restaurants where they can eat, boutiques where they can buy clothes, hotels or inns where they can stay the night, shops where they can buy stuff, etc. The major aim of internet marketing is to attract the attention of these searchers.

The meeting involved two presentations. Aris Go delved deep into the the workings of Google Drive. Vince Tabor of showed how you can effectively promote a business to an online audience. Two very interesting topics that opened my eyes in a lot of ways.

I do use Google a lot. I use it everyday. I'm a HUGE fan of the company. In a sense, Google is my bread and butter. I use Gmail to communicate with people in my writing circles. I use Google search for my research. I use Google Drive (Spreadsheet) in tracking and monitoring which writing projects are completed and which ones are in progress. I use Blogger (Google's own blogging platform) for this very blog you are reading. I've always wanted to switch to Wordpress since it's a much better overall platform but I never had the guts to transfer there. Besides, I've always believed that it's not the platform that determines how good you are. Instead, it's the quality of the content you create. People don't read your blog because you are on Blogger or Wordpress, people read it because you got something interesting to say. In a nut shell, I'm sticking with Blogger for now.

Google pretty much has everything you need to work and do stuff online. Sending and receiving email, creating and saving content, making presentations, storing data, writing blogs, meeting new people, photo-editing and video-editing apps, online shopping, tracking updates on a certain topic through alerts, updated news bulletins, etc. The world is indeed at your fingertips when you use Google.

Gmail in particular has evolved into a very complicated online communication tool. It has tons of features that you can use to streamline and organize how you receive and send email. It's not just a tool for sending and receiving messages. If you tweak around it a bit, you will find that it has more to offer than just a messaging service.

Google Drive is another awesome service. With Drive, you can live without Microsoft Word or Excel. No more installing software and stuff. Just access your Google account and go to Drive. You can create documents and spreadsheets there. Furthermore, your data is stored in the “cloud”. You can access your data anytime and anywhere with a device connected to the internet. You don't have to lug around a memory device. Although of course, it's still best to create backups for your data and files. Google Drive isn't perfect. So to better protect your data, always create backups.

So, yeah, I'm a Google slave. I'll have to admit. But that's okay, because they have the best services by a mile compared to their competitors.

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