February 22, 2013

Humongous Ads In The Middle Of Baguio's Main Park

Trying to avoid the flow of people in Session Road and Magsaysay Avenue, I decided to head home through Burnham Park. That's when I saw these huge structures (I don't know what these are called.) put up around the man-made lake.

I don't know the deal between the companies who put up these ads and the city government of Baguio but don't you think these giant ads are a bit over the top? Those grounds are supposed to be for people who wish to spread blankets on and have fun with friends and family. What's next? Billboards in our park grounds?

It's Panagbenga season and thousands of people are coming up here to see the sights, not see a giant Gardenia bread ad. Milking these visitors in the name of business is good for the city's coffers but there should be a limit. We should be selling to these visitors the fun that Burnham Park offers, not a brand of bread that isn't even made here.

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