December 11, 2012

Justice for Aileen Niocena: The Case of a Slain Music Teacher

As of this writing, the details surrounding the killing of Aileen Niocena, a piano instructor at Music World, aren't yet concrete. But here's what we know about the case: On the night of December 8, 2012, Niocena was murdered in Tuba, Benguet by a still unknown suspect. She was 29 years old. Investigation by the authorities is reportedly under way.

According to a Facebook Page set up for her after the tragic event, Niocena is a graduate of the University of Baguio. She took up Bachelor of Science in Commerce and majored in Marketing. She finished the course in 2004.

Someone who knew here wrote in a blog: "There are a lot of us who already knew her life, as it was too easy for her to trust people and share her life with them.  It was not an easy life for her… she was working back then in college to help her retired parents.

Her hard work paid off… she got a degree but pursued what she loved and did best.  It was the only thing she really wanted to do in life… and she was successful in it."

Her remains lie at Chapel B, La Funeraria Paz located along Naguilian Road. She will be cremated on December 17 (tentative date).

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  1. Hi, Dan! I was searching for details on Aileen's death (just heard it this morning at NMK) and decided to google it. No hits. So, I decided to check out your blog. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hello.I'm the co-manager of the Justice for Aileen Niocena webpage. Thank you for featuring our friend. We hope that you'll feature her again once the case is solved.Follow our page to stay updated.thanks

    1. I sure will. Will be following the updates. :)

  3. hello. I would like to ask if her case is being pursued by her family