November 21, 2012

Eduard Folayang and Eric Kelly Seeing Action This December

All roads lead to Pasay City this coming first day of December. That is if you are a mixed martial arts enthusiast. Eduard Folayang and Eric Kelly, two Igorot fighters who continue to deeply carve their names in Asian MMA will be entering the cage for more fistic glory. Folayang and Kelly are currently on top of the Philippine MMA hierarchy. They are the men to beat. They are the Jon Jones, the Anderson Silva or the George St. Pierre in this part of the world. They will be facing off against opponents who dared to come all the way from overseas to challenge them. Folayang will face off with Lowens Tynanes of Hawaii while Kelly will take on Brad Terrey of Thailand.

As much as it's good to see Folayang and Kelly back in the cage after their wins last September, I can't help but question how URCC is running this show. Folayang vs. Lowens looks like a good fight. It's a champion vs. champion match. Folayang holds the URCC lightweight belt and Lowens holds the belt in the same weight for Destiny MMA. And that's cool. But you still can't help but look at the fact that Lowens only had 1 professional fight. You only have 1 fight and the next thing you know you are headlining the URCC's 10th anniversary promotion. That's impressive and sad at the same time.

Another problem comes when you look into the Kelly vs. Terrey bout. At stake will be the URCC featherweight belt which Kelly currently have wrapped around his waist. Kelly will be defending his championship belt against Terrey who also only has 1 professional MMA fight and he lost such fight. A fighter who has a record of 0 wins and 1 loss fighting for the belt? It doesn't make sense. And to think that this is supposed to be URCC's 10th year anniversary fight promotion.

 Anyway, good luck to Folayang and Kelly. May you both come out victorious.

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