October 4, 2012

You Are Who You Vote For

“You are being ruled by incompetent former actors and comedians. What do you expect? Get a grip Philippines.” That's a saddening post by a user (and a foreigner at that) in the community site Reddit. What's even sadder is that she's right. We are indeed being ruled by former actors and comedians who earned the people's votes by appearing in cheesy action movies and television shows. There seems to be a formula on how to become a senator in this country. Become a movie star then run for the Senate. Become a Lito lapid, a Bong Revilla or a Tito Sotto and the heavens will guarantee you a seat in the Senate. Lapid literally bratatatatatatatatataed his way to the Senate. Why did Lapid become a Senator? Because he was Leon Guerrero. Because he was in movies with titles like Sa Iyo Ang Pampanga, Akin Ang Bulacan and Karapatan Ko ang Pumatay Kapitan Guti.

And then there's Tito Sotto. Sotto becoming a Senator perfectly embodies everything that's wrong in this country when it comes to how the people choose their leaders. Nobody with a critical mind would vote for Sotto. Yet there he is in the Senate, looking like Danny Trejo with his mustache and beard and all. And then came the plagiarism and Cybercrime issues. People started crying about how stupid Sotto is. Well, guess what, Sotto ain't the only stupid person in the room. The people who voted for him, they are just as stupid. That's millions of stupid people. Hard to digest but it's true.

So the next time you see Sotto do something stupid, it's not his fault. It's the fault of the people who voted for him. We wouldn't be having these problems if we didn't put him up there in his high seat.

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