October 9, 2012

The Theme for Adivay 2012

It seems like creating a theme is a mandatory thing for festivals these days. Along with the announcement of Adivay 2012's schedule of major events is the revealing of the festival's theme which is “Accelerating Response to Social Challenges”. Nothing surprising about it. It's yet another cold succession of words that probably won't make sense to a lot of people. The theme sounds like something you'll read in a research paper written by a student aspiring to become a social worker. It's not that there's something wrong about that. But come on, why don't we throw out our formal caps here for a moment and think of a theme that's actually fun.

Why do they keep on coming up with these ambiguous and technically-sounding themes. Reading it, you feel like you are going to a seminar.

Anyway, the upcoming Adivay celebrations will include an environmental forum, a mass wedding, a grand trade fair, a job fair, surgical and medical outreach, an agro-industrial trade fair, a pageant, and a grand canao.

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