September 3, 2012

'Twas a Good Day for Man and Nature

Great people. Great cause. What's not to like. Or love. It was yet another successful day of planting trees for the good of man and nature. Saying that 'it's satisfying' will be a gross understatement. It was beyond that. Nothing beats the feeling of doing something that you know will benefit not only you but your neighbors as well. You win. Your neighbors win. Everybody wins. Being a part of One Nature, One Community is a privilege. I'm happy that I participated in it. I'm always thankful that there are people out there who sacrifice and take the time to organize community activities like these.

One Nature, One Community 2 is a tree-planting and tree-nurturing activity at the Longlong Communal Forest spearheaded by Dean Cuanso. The first one was held last July in the same venue. One Nature, One Community 2 is a continuation of what's been accomplished last July.

So there we were. A bunch of people. A lot of us were strangers to each other. But that didn't matter as we were driven to do one thing that day - PLANT LIFE TO WHERE THERE IS NONE. And plant we did. Activities like these always make a difference, no matter how minute they are. To the participants, it gives them the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of being a good citizen, of being a friend not only to fellowmen but to nature as well. To those outside who didn't participate but saw (or heard) what's been done, they will get inspired. And that's a good thing. They will either want to help or get involved in the next tree-planting session.

Another huge advantage of joining activities like these is that you get to broaden your horizon when it comes to the people around you. In One Nature, One Community, I got to meet new people. Awesome people. Cool people. That's kind of a GREAT accomplishment for a distant person like me.

Participants during the orientation before the tree-planting activities.

Anyway, congratulations to everyone. The individuals/groups who participated. The media for covering it. And of course, the MASTER himself, Sir Dean (

Until next time folks. Cheers! See you all in Shilan. :)

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  1. Great job! I am one of the many who oppose the SM expansion plan and have joined the rallies twice. I've wanted to join in the tree planting events but I'm too shy, lol. I think I'm gonna feel more awkward there than in rallies. Hopefully I get the courage in the future.

    1. Too shy? Come on, that's an unacceptable reason to not go. LOL.

      There's going to be another tree planting activity this coming first week of October. You should come. Don't be shy about it.

      I'm a shy guy myself and I didn't know much of the people who attended but I went there twice. :)