July 2, 2012

A Peek Into Jocelyn Banasan-Kapuno's 'Kanana Kanu' Movie

A Cordilleran-helmed film has made it as a finalist in the first ever Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival. The festival is a project of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). Jocelyn Banasan-Kapuno's film called Kanana Kanu is among the three pictures representing Luzon in the Full-Length Feature Film category. They will be competing against eight other films from Visayas and Mindanao. The film is listed in the FDCP website as an entry from the province of Kalinga.

The synopsis for Kanana Kanu (as provided on the FDCP website) is as follows:
Kanana Kanu depicts two parallel stories which tells John’s experience and his cultural travelogue. The other story revolves around the oral narratives of the I-Kalingas. This particular mythology embodies the true essence of the I-Kalingas’ core cultural values.

John a young man, half- American and half- Kalinga travels for a vacation in his mother’s birthplace at the village named Magobya. Unknowingly, he immerses himself in the culture of his mom’s place- living in a simple, practical and natural lifestyle. Through his village experiences he learns how to do things he never actualize in the U.S.

When the story is chanted by bard singers new experience is open to John as though he journeys to another dimension of time and space. John see vividly the story unfolds when the ever outstanding beauty of Lagunnawa meet the heroic warrior named Fanna. His immersion and cultural re-rooting helps him to know more about himself and his true cultural identity. - [FDCP]

Honestly, I can't glean anything from the synopsis. What is the movie about? It's a blur, really. We know that it's about an Igor-Am immersing himself in his mother's Kalinga culture. But nothing else is divulged. So I'm thinking that this film is more of an experiment (a cultural interpretation of sort) than a story-driven one. I can be wrong though.

The film is currently being screened in Davao, the venue of the Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival. No announcements have been made if the entries in the festival will be screened somewhere else. So don't expect to be able to see the films anytime soon. They will likely not make it to major cinemas so indie film houses are your best bets in ever seeing them.

Here's the trailer for the film.
Here are my thoughts on the trailer: I'll say the same thing I said about the written synopsis. The film looks like the director tried to cook several stories into one. There are tints of romance, war, comedy, magic (of sorts), etc. The film also seems to be one that will be alternating between present and past Kalinga.

I sure would like to read the script or the screenplay for the film.

Anyway, we'll update you if the film will ever make it to any cinema house or any viewing house in or around Baguio City.

P.S. I hated it that they used hard rock music in the trailer. I would've appreciated it more if they utilized Kalinga's own musicians. Like Arnel Banasan for instance. And by the way, Banasan is also in the film, playing a character named Magatangga.

Here's the music video for Banasan's song Tulayan.

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