July 6, 2012

Event: Lecture By Andrew Leavold At UP Baguio

Australian film historian Andrew Leavold will be lecturing about Philippine cinema this coming July 13 at University of the Philippines Baguio. His lecture is titled "Bamboo Gods and Bionic Boys: An Alternate History Of Philippine Cinema". For more information about the lecturer (in case you want to know why the hell is an Australian lecturing about Philippine cinema in front of a Filipino audience), you may visit his blog at Bamboo Gods And Bionic Boys. Yes, the name of his blog is the same as the title of his lecture. You will be surprised how this guy dedicates himself to researching, watching, and reviewing Filipino films of the past. Describing it as an obsession is an understatement.

A quote from an entry in Leavold's blog:
After college, I opened my dream video rental store full of the craziest films I could find. "Trash Video" was an endless voyage of discovery as I discovered even more titles from the Philippines. Cirio Santiago, Bobby A. Suarez and Eddie Romero became my new Kings of the Drive-In. I fried my brain on Cirio's Mad Max ripoffs, Bobby's Cleopatra Wong series. These killers from Manila seemed to occupy a parallel film universe to the one I was used to, a perpetual loop of kung fu kicks, floral shirts, hair helmets and big moustaches, and seemingly baffling twists of logic. I was hooked.
The lecture will be at the UP Bulwagang Juan Luna on July 13 starting at 1 pm. Admission is free.

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