June 7, 2012

Saint James High School: May You Rise Again

For most of us, schools have become extensions of our homes. The first 15 to 25 years of our lives are after all spent in the confines of classrooms. Learning. Taking notes. Listening to teachers. For most of us, we are what we are today because of what we learned, what we noted and what we heard in educational institutions.

If you value your future, you will value education. And in the process, you will learn to love that institution which provides you education.

That said, I am greatly saddened upon learning that a very important building in a school I loved had burned to the ground. Saint James High School in Besao, Mt. Province lost a conference room, a canteen, the faculty offices, a couple of classrooms and God knows what else. I spent four years in Saint James High and graduated in 2003. Four good years. Four memorable years.

It really is a tragedy. What with the building burning down just a couple of days before classes for the school year are to start. Tragedy sure knows how to stick its fingers into the wounds it inflicts.

As of this writing, Saint James High School is starting to rebuild itself. Below are photos of the fire, what's left the day after, and what's being done. All photos courtesy of friends and groups in Facebook.

The night of the fire:

The day after:

The community at work:

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