June 3, 2012

PHOTOS: Igorot Cordillera Austria Inauguration Day And Cultural Night

Last May, the Igorot community in Austria held a cultural night in Vienna's 15th District. The night showcased the Cordillera's traditional dances, rituals and ceremonies.

Leonida Ostermayer-Lunag, chairman of the Igorot Austria Cordillera said "We are starting this organization to promote the cultural values and traditions of the entire Cordillera region, and to promulgate its ancestral heritage bestowed to our forefathers. It is high time to talk more about us, about the revolution in the lifestyle of an Igorot, parallel to civilization."

Lourdes Yparraguirre, Philippine ambassador, in her message said "May this occasion inspire the officers and members of the Igorot Austria Cordillera to work together in goodwill to promote their common objectives, to promote unity and camaraderie with the other Filipino community in Vienna, and to always reflect in their endeavors the best of the Filipino people."

The event was attended by both Filipinos and Austrians. Two books (Igorot By Heart and Igorot Value Systems And Cultural Protocols) were also turned over by Igorot Austria Cordillera to the Philippine Embassy Library in Vienna.

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