June 17, 2012

Jujeath Nagaowa Attempts to Win a Championship Belt This Coming Tuesday (June 19) in Tokyo, Japan

Jujeath Nagaowa, a Cordilleran female boxer who fights in the atomweight division will be fighting Momo Koseki at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on June 19. At stake is the latter's World Boxing Council (WBC) championship belt. Nagaowa earned her title shot for being the WBC Asian continental atomweight champion.

Nagaowa (11-10-1, 7 KOs), who hails from Natonin, Mt. Province and Mankayan, Benguet has all the disadvantages here. First of all, she's the challenger so she has got to do more to earn the judges' scores. In the sport of boxing, especially in championship bouts, judges tend to award close rounds to the champion. You don't win a title by being at par with the champion. You need to overcome the champion. A knockout in this particular match-up seems unlikely so it will probably go to the scorecards. That said, Nagaowa better be extra-impressive to earn the nods of the judges.

Also, Nagaowa and Koseki (12-2-1, 3 KOs) are fighting in Japan, the latter's home country. So the champion has the hometown advantage.

And yes, Nagaowa is the smaller fighter. That means a lot especially in female boxing. Koseki is undefeated in her last ten fights. Nagaowa, on the other hand lost five of her last eight fights. It makes you wonder how she is able to get the chance to fight for the title.

That said, Nagaowa needs to be at her best come fight night if she wants to bring home with her the belt.
Nagaowa (left) and Koseki (right).

“She will come out with both fists exploding right from the opening round. That is the game plan.” says Brico Santig, Nagaowa's manager. Well, if you ask me, that doesn't sound like a game plan. It sounds more like a suicide plan. Koseki did not become a champion for nothing. She's a champion because she's a good fighter. You can't just get in there and try to blow her away with “both fists exploding”? But then again, you can't blame Santig for saying that. He's a promoter and he knows that phrases like “both fists exploding right from the opening round” hype people up. Come fight night, however, we'll be lucky if we are to see such a thing.

“Kung makauna si Jujeath, malaki ang chance na mananalo siya.” adds Santig. This is a bad sign. This doesn't speak of confidence in a fighter. Santig is like saying “our chance of winning this fight is via an early lucky punch”. This explains what he said earlier about blowing the champion away in the first round.

Another Igorot boxer will be fighting in the undercard. Alvin Tam will be facing Japan's Yuki Nakamura in the featherweight division.

Good luck to Nagaowa and Tam. Take those Ws.

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