June 29, 2012

A Recap of the First Cordillera Coffee FIESTA

As an unintended offshoot of the recent La Trinidad Google MapUp party which I was very lucky to be part of, I also had the chance to go to the Cordillera Coffee FIESTA held at the Benguet State University covered court (along with the fellow Google mapmakers). I'm not what you would call a coffee enthusiast since I barely drink coffee but the dozen or so booths displaying all sorts of coffee products (seeds, powder, soap, etc.) were fascinating. There is such a thing as coffee soap. Imagine that.

And yes, there's “shit coffee” (very valuable coffee seeds from civet excrements). This isn't new to me at all since I used to gather “shit coffee” myself back home in Besao, Mt. Province. We have a small patch of coffee trees there high up a mountain slope. Wild cats would eat the red-ripe coffee fruits, swallow the coffee seeds whole and excrete them whole as well. Where they leave their droppings, that's where your work as a coffee picker begins. Most people find it gross but honestly it's not. It's not like you're going to pick the droppings the moment the wild cats leave them behind.

Being at the First Cordillera Coffee FIESTA was a lovely experience. And I'm definitely looking forward for the next one.

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