May 15, 2012

Save 182 Vs SM Baguio: War of the Stores?

Conrado R. Banal III, a columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer has written a piece today (May 16, 2012) that you will find either outrageous or interesting depending on your stand on the SM Baguio issue. What Banal implied in his article is that the Save 182 group aren't actually fighting for the trees, they are fighting for Baguio stores (SM's competitors). Banal is basically saying that Save 182 is a group fighting SM disguising itself as an environmental group.

Here's a quote from the article:
But is the environment the real reason behind the noise over those 182 trees?
From what I heard, some astute business groups could be behind the so-called protest. One name, whose family is associated with a chain of retail establishments, was mentioned rather frequently in the rallies. The leaders never failed to thank, profusely, the same person for some valuable donation to the protest groups now tagged by media as the 182 Group.
If you ask me, these claims by Banal are just outrageous. He's got a few interesting points but I just don't see Save 182 as a "bayarang grupo". 

Follow the link below to read the full article  by Banal.

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