May 25, 2012

A First For Baguio's Growing Community Of Bloggers

It's been a privilege being a part of the first ever Baguio Blog Conference. Last May 19, 2012, a bunch of Cordillera bloggers put together an event that will hopefully help establish a robust blogging community in Baguio City and the Cordillera region in general. Dubbed The First Baguio Blog Conference, the event featured several talks by bloggers from within Baguio and outside of it. Several speakers came all the way from Manila to impart their knowledge on what it takes to become an effective and no-nonsense blogger.
Looking back, I cannot seem to find a rather accurate trail of how I ended up becoming a blogger. However, I knew where the trail started. My own journey into the blogosphere began when I was a not-so-ambitious student within the confines of Saint Louis University. Diego Silang Building, where the College of Accountancy and Commerce used to be located was my second home. I was studying Accounting, a course I absolutely despised yet enjoyed for the challenges it forced upon me. Silang Building was an institution in itself where Conrado Valix is god and a scientific calculator is your most reliable friend.

Facebook wasn't globally available back then. Mark Zuckerberg was still messing with his social network within the walls of Harvard. The social media scene still had Friendster as its ruler. At least, as far as the Asia-Pacific region is concerned because North America and the United kingdom were going all gaga with MySpace. MySpace wasn't too popular in this part of the world so I stuck with Friendster which has become a really crappy gaming site today. Friendster had this feature where you can sort of create an online diary – Friendster blogs. That's where I got started. That's where I learned what a blog is. That's where I wrote my first blog post.

Finding myself among fellow Baguio bloggers and our counterparts from Manila, I say that I've come quite a long way. I never expected to see myself last this long in the blogosphere. Most people quit after a blog post or two. I persevered and here I am.

Here we are, trying to create a spark that we are hoping will ignite a fire and turn folks into bloggers. The First Baguio Blog Conference created such spark, there's no question about that. Now, let us all just wait and see if it will ignite a fire. If things go our way. As planned. As expected.
I noticed that most of the attendees of the conference were students. I heard that several of them are writers for college publications like Saint Louis' White and Blue. I see this as more of a positive than a negative. These students are this city's future bloggers. What separates them from the rest is that they are more likely to blog in order to express themselves and hammer on things they are actually passionate about, not to pursue other agendas.

In blogging, passion is the key to effectiveness and providing value. If you are passionate about something, you know how to talk about it. And the more you know how to talk about something, the more value you can churn out of it.

However, having mere passion won't just cut it. You have to have the skills to push that passion forward. By skills, I mean you should know how to put your blog together and maximize your audience. Search engine optimization. Social media marketing. Community networking. These are just a few of those skills you need to get your blog in front of the right people.

I would not go as far to call myself a successful blogger. Because I AM NOT. I'm a hundred miles away from it. Besides, it really depends on what you understand by the word success. Does it mean getting a thousand unique blog visitors a day? Does it mean getting a payout from Adsense every month? Does it mean getting recognized by a community for what you publish in your blog? Does it mean getting 250 comments on a single blog post? Each and everyone of us have our own definition of success. For some, having a blog set up is in itself a form of success. SUCCESS is a super-broad term.
Why Do We Blog?
Blogging started as nothing but the online version of a paper journal. A digital page where you write about what you ate in a restaurant, what you did last vacation, what you watched on TV, what it felt like watching your baby take her first walking steps. It has however evolved into something with “business” written all over it. Let's face it, the most successful bloggers are those who created businesses out of their blogs. Huffington Post. TechCrunch. Mashable. To name a few. These blogs have grown so big that they now employ legions of bloggers.

Listening to the speakers during the First Baguio Blog Conference, you can see most of the reasons why people blog. To build an online reputation. To make money. To share. To communicate with like-minded people. To chronicle their travels. To educate. The list goes on. That's an amalgam of reasons. In short, blogging is a “do your own thing” thing.

The conference was a great start. A great start to things that are hopefully even greater. Cheers!!!
The First Baguio Blog Conference wouldn't have been possible without the following organizers, speakers and sponsors:


Janette Toral:
Antonio Caranzza Jr.:
Fitz Villafuerte:
Azrael Coladilla:
Florencio Jusay Jr.:
Dean Cuanso:
Ane Fallarme:
Joven Chico:

Azalea Residences
Sun Cellular
University of Baguio
Solid Hosting Ph
Kubong Sawali
18BC Music Lounge

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  1. Best First Baguio Blog Conference write up I have read so far! :D I love it and thanks for the linky loves. :)

    I am super glad that I have met you Dan! :)

    Here's to more blogging activities with you and the rest of the Cordillera Bloggers group! :)

    1. Thank you. Very glad as well that I've met you.


  2. you're a successful blogger, IMHO, in that you are able to write awesome pieces like this :)

    congrats sa first conference! hope to be a part of the 2nd one ;)

    1. Thank you Ma'am. :)

      See you at the next conference.

  3. I agree with Ane! (taga old CAC ka pala hahaha).....

    1. Yes Sir. I was a lazy accounting student back then. :D

  4. Also majored in Accountancy until I realized life is too short for long spreadsheets. LOL.When I saw the chambers of hell in some temple, I was reminded of the departmental exams. I've never come close to experiencing hell except during those days.

    Anyway nice post but really reminded of me of the past. The event is also not possible without you.

    1. LOL. That's all I can say. :)

      Anyway, I'm glad hell is kind of over. :D

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Ma'am. Thanks a million for coming. :)

  6. I cried when i saw your are a great blogger! Advertisers should take notice :-)

    1. LOL. And thank you.

      Hey advertisers, I'm waiting!!! LOL.