May 1, 2012

Baguio's (Not) Finest

Last April 29, a traffic light controller was stolen from a police station along Abanao Street. Whoever stole the controller is now P39,000 richer as that is the reported value of the stolen good. This robbery happened near the Baguio City Police's main office.

This is scary. The people who are supposed to be defending us from thieves are being robbed themselves. How are they supposed to protect your home or your store if they can't even protect their very own outpost?

That said, I'm not surprised why taxi drivers and operators in Baguio City are requesting that they be allowed to carry knives and guns while on their jobs. In the month of April alone, there were 11 cases of armed robberies committed against taxi drivers. These are only the reported cases. I'm sure there are other cab victims out there who decided not to report what happened to the police.

To alleviate the fears of taxi drivers, the police and the city council are offering a reward system (I have no idea what this is.), street lighting and more CCTV cameras. The bad thing is that I don't think these would be enough to thwart robbers.

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