April 29, 2012

Louie Garcia: A Victim of Identity Theft

I am not going to lie. The moment I read Louie Garcia's comments on Facebook, my emotions took over my reactions and I threw critical thinking out the window. To say that I was angry would be an understatement. I wanted to choke the life out of the guy. I didn't think. I just zeroed in on the comment and the name of the commenter. It was a huge mistake as I (and you) soon found out that Garcia isn't a racist bastard after all. He is but an honest and hard-working OFW stationed in Salerno, Italy. Somebody was trying to screw him by stealing his name and pictures then using these to create damaging comments online (Facebook and Yahoo).

Louie Garcia is the victim here. He is being hated and thrown death threats for something that he didn't do. If you are a Facebook user, I'm sure that a photo of his alleged comments has appeared in your news feed. And the reactions to the comments are harsh. “Huntingin na yan.” commented one. “Buwisit ketdin puklang nga daytoy.” said another one. These reactions are kind of tame compared to the others out there.

In an article by ABS-CBN news, Louie Garcia was quoted saying “Hindi po ako yung taong iyon. May gumamit lang po ng pangalan ko at picture ko. Hindi ko po iyon magagawa kasi alangan naman pong sirain ko yung sarili ko at yung seguridad ng pamilya ko sa Pilipinas.”

“Pumunta po ako sa ambasciata ng Roma para linawin na hindi ako yun. Humihingi rin po ako ng tulong sa awtoridad sa atin na ma-trace po kung sino man ang gumawa niyon kasi wala po akong idea, wala naman po akong kaaway,” Garcia further stated.

Well, you could make the argument that Garcia is lying. But I don't think that he is. I believe that he is as innocent as he claims himself to be. There are two accounts on Facebook using his name and his picture. One is the real thing and one would be the fake account. It's easy to determine a fake profile from a real one. The damaging comments about Igorots obviously came from the fake account.

What's really scary is that the impostor or troll (or whatever you wish to call him) went as far as registering an account in Yahoo and leaving the same damaging comments on Yahoo. Ang tindi ng galit ng taong ito kay Garcia if he/she indeed holds a grudge against him.

So yeah, in behalf of the Igorot community, sincere apologies are being extended to Mr. Louie Garcia for all the trouble he has to go through for something that he didn't commit. May you and your family be safe.

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  1. I just dont understand why people needs to say those kind of words towards Igorot..ok let say hes a victim..what bout those some faggots who has nothing to to do sa buhay nila, why sila galit sa Igorot??? d lang naman that name Louie Garcia commented a harsh words sa mga cordilleran eh... meron pa jan..ngkalat sila sa Facebook!!! uhggggggggg i feel pity for them...is this some kind of jealousy dahil magaganda ang mga igorota or inggit lang sila dahil sa kagandahan ng Baguio or i guess they were jealous coz they wasnt born as/like an Igorot!!! kill the racist!!!! LOL

  2. i dont beliv he lie cya un....big mistake na ginawa nya buong buhay nya....Igorots dpa nakakalimutang ang mga sinaunang ritwal...

  3. You're hugely mistaken author of this article. The original comment was in Yahoo and it was his Facebook avatar appearing. You're mistaken that the Yahoo comment came after the Facebook. The original comments in Yahoo saying ill things to Igorots directly came from him. Someone took his comment personally and created a fake account using his face in Facebook and copy-pasted his Yahoo comment as the Facebook status of the fake account to spread his racist behavior to more people. Even if it's true that the other Louie Garcia showing his annoying face in a blue jacket is fake, the original comment in Yahoo which includes himself saying he's more handsome is from him and him alone. His claim for identity theft is extremely ridiculous and you fell for it. You probably watched the news and you immediately believed it. The only thing the "troll" as what you call him/her did was to repost his Yahoo comment in Facebook using a fake account but the original culprit is no one else but him.